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Providing Japan’s Service Quality to the World

Service PR Japan: Your trusted overseas partner, beginning with PR excellence.

Supporting Japanese service businesses in local markets

via first-class PR activity.


“I want the overseas locals to know about us.”

“I want to showcase Japan’s service quality on a larger scale.”

We collaborate with local experts to deliver PR for your services.

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Our services amplify your brand in Malaysia via local media, social media and influencers and offer comprehensive PR solutions.


Why work with us?

Get support from local professionals

We offer professional PR support via local media and influencers

PR your services’ main features through the eyes of a local

We PR your provided services via local media and influencers.

Incorporating the vision of the service and marketing industries

Careful consideration of PR methods, starting from the main features of your services’ quality

Sunset view from Trader's Hotel towards KLCC_edited.jpg

For more details and inquiries, access the following forms.

Service PR Japan Inc.

4F/5F Sanjo COHJU Building. 24 Umetada-Cho. Nakagyo-Ku. Kyoto. 604-8136

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