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Why Work with Us?

Supporting your Ventures in Malaysia and Thailand

Looking to expand overseas but don’t know the best way to reach clients?

There are many struggling with the same uneasiness.

Some organizations operate through trial and error, even after setting up overseas.

We provide backup via our close network with locals.

Why we support Japanese service businesses in Southeast Asia

Over 70% of Japan's GDP comes from the service sector, including industries such as food & beverage, health care, education, retail, and tourism, all of which are known for their world-class quality. However, the domestic market is shrinking.


With a high living standard and consumer demand, Southeast Asia-- in particular, Malaysia and Thailand-- offers a promising market for "Japanese Quality" services. We aim to aid Japanese service businesses with expanding overseas by introducing Japan's excellence and enhancing local service industries.

Public Relations

When it comes to promotional activity, such as the launch of a new product or exclusive store events, boosting visibility is crucial to producing positive results.

With our local network, we enhance PR activities through optimal promotion, including media coverage, brochure, and video production, as well as active involvement in planning.

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