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PR Support in Malaysia

Promote your business through videos, brochures and other promotional materials for local mass media and social media geared towards the Malaysian audience.


PR for business expansion and branches in Malaysia

“I just opened a new store but don’t know what the next step is.”

“What is an optimal PR strategy for reaching my target audience?”

“I don't have the language skills to proceed with work in this region.”

“I want to promote a new service but don’t know where to start.”

“I want to effectively use videos and printed materials for my promotional activities.”

Sunset view from Trader's Hotel towards KLCC_edited.jpg


Our PR Support

Local connections

We are supported by professionals who have connections to local mass media and social media influencers.

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Delivering your message to the Malaysian audience

A locally-rooted PR professional in Malaysia will devise a plan to help your business gain traction.

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PR services delivered by local professionals

Our services are carried out by Malaysian locals that specialize in publicity promotion and creation of promotional materials. 

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Creation of promotional materials for local customers

Development of promotional materials by local production experts.

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All production and promotion processes in Malaysia are directed by Service PR Japan.

Our bilingual representative, who is experienced in PR for global mega pharma and an automotive company, orchestrates collaboration with local experts.

Why Work with Us?

Incorporating the vision of service and marketing industries, we provide PR for overseas expansion of your services.


We offer one-hour consultation sessions.

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